Henry Met Blanche

What do a great story, a classic book and family tales have in common? When Henry met Blanche, everything. This past year has been a blessing in finding some wonderful family history and confusion in the process of figuring out how to share the treasures. Henry, Blanche and the generations that came before them are a fascinating mix of not only United States history, but World history as well. As their story unfolds you will see families from different countries who, from their unique cultures in this new world, came together.

Genealogy, in my mind, heads backwards into places that are unknown; a great mystery being revealed. It is the discovery of facts, the attempt to verify those facts and the absolute gift to share them. If you find yourself pulled into the story, I trust you will find that it is a story of thousands who have formed the foundation for this present day. I do not, however, collect or share linear genealogy. If you’re my cousin and you’re still breathing, I’m happy to hand you a family tree.

I hope to offer ideas for collecting Henry and Blanche’s Family Tree so that it will be getting ready for future generations to look at. I’m not so sure that my grandparents would have approved of this venue, but certainly might have been intrigued. I would love to have seen grandma’s face when I told her that her uncle’s grandson shared a family photo with me that I was able to provide some names for. Or to have heard grandpa’s opinion of sharing his Ledger.

Please, share my journey.

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